How to Turn Lurkers into Commenters

How to Turn Lurkers into Commenters

Getting people engaged with your site is a tough job. You might be trying to improve your traffic rate and your SEO with daily news, witty blog posts and forum engagement, but some feedback is essential to keep your site fresh.The trouble is, most people on the net are lurkers. Most social media experts assume that 90% of their audience is going to sit passively and read. When you’ve put all your efforts into increasing your traffic, that percentage is a disappointing one. There is something you can do, however, to improve the situation.

Lurkers like small engagements

It’s important to remember that there are different levels of engagement. While it would be great to have every visitor to your site comment on your blog, it’s just not going to happen. What you can aim for is lighter engagements.

Social media experts have noticed that those unwilling to post a comment are often willing to ‘Like’ a page. Even better, they found that those who click social media buttons tend to do more on a second visit, having already engaged with the site.

Social engagement is essential on today’s net

Drawing engagement out of your site users may seem pointless, particularly when your focus is on Google and SEO. The effort is necessary for the success of your SEO, though, and you can discuss this with us at With search engines looking more at social signals, and more internet users looking for them as well, doing whatever you can to create a community on your site makes sense.

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