The Short-Cut To Guest Post Stardom

The Short-Cut To Guest Post Stardom

Getting started with guest blogging can be difficult. One of the unfortunate side-effects of building a reputation is not having a reputation to trade on. There is one short cut that can make your life a lot easier.The search for guest posting opportunities should always begin with what you read. If you find a blog connected to your industry compelling, chances are it’s the right fit. Your search will naturally extend from there, with the list being expanded on through Google searches within your industry.

A lot of new guest bloggers get stuck at this point. Apart from contacting those on your list and taking whatever opportunities you’re offered, there may not seem like much more you can do.

<h3Follow in the footsteps of others

If you want to be smart about guest posting, though, you need to define your own path a little. Not all guest posting services are useful. This is where competitor analysis comes in. Rather than analysing competitor link profiles, look for prominent guest bloggers whose paths you want to emulate. In your research, take note of names that continually crop up and search for them.

It’s impossible to forget that guest blogging is another form of link building. Just as with other link building strategies, guest posts should be researched and targets prioritised. As with other forms of link building, guest blogging can also be made a lot easier if you watch what your competitors are doing. Talk to your SEO company or us at about guest posting.

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