The Decline Of The Yahoo Directory

The Decline Of The Yahoo Directory

SEO is changing all the time, as are the best link building techniques. Getting decent links is not simple or quick. Some people are always looking for a shortcut. However, taking shortcuts does not tend to lead to impressive results. Since Google’s Penguin update, there has been a move to rethink the value of using directories. The Yahoo directory is one which historically did help some sites’ search engine result profiles (SERPs) so it makes sense to look at its current effectiveness.

Losing its effectiveness

According to one expert, the Yahoo directory has not been directly affected by the Penguin update. While some consultants might take that as a green light to continue use of it, it is actually quite important to look at the issue in more detail. While some sites may still benefit from using the directory in question, it would seem that many sites would be better off using more up-to-date methods.

The real cost of using the directory

Using the Yahoo directory will set a firm back £190 a year. However, it will not necessarily lead to high-quality links being attracted. It seems that the value of being in the directory has gradually slipped since 2006. In 2009, there was some talk that the directory might even be closed. This did not happen, but the fact that it was discussed was a sign that things were not going well.

Whether or not it is worth using a specific directory will depend on the site, but there are plenty of alternative methods of getting excellent links. Patience is required if good results are to be sustained.

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