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Secrets About Good Content? That Nobody Will Tell You

Secrets About Good Content? That Nobody Will Tell You

Whilst there is much more to make your site successful than writing content, the vast majority of your visitors will notice if you gloss over it. At the very least, content should tell the reader where they are and what they can expect to find within your site. Beyond that? Well, that really is up to you. But what if you have no idea where to start?

When looking to strengthen the quality of your site’s content, studying trusted sites that rank highly can be a fantastic way to pick up some tips. You should pay attention to their style, their register, their use of keywords, their tone, and how they engage with the customer. You can learn a lot from the top sites by viewing them with an attentive eye, and following their lead. Obviously, this does not mean you should plagiarise, but rather that you should study what works, and what doesn’t. This way of learning can help you gain an insight into just one part of what helps make a site successful.

However, another useful way to research before writing is to take a look at the sites within your field which rank at the lower end of the SERPs. Just as the leading sites can teach you some valuable lessons, so too can the rest. Pay attention to the way they present themselves, and the tone they use. Is their writing sloppy and stuffed with keywords? Do they fail to explain who they are and what they do or sell? Or, have they neglected to include any substantial writing in their web design process altogether (as some do)? Focusing on what works and what doesn’t is a cheap and resourceful way to improve the writing on your site, which will ensure visitors are met with an informative, professional copy when they arrive.

Effective SEO content (on every page, not just the homepage) should be easy to read, coherent, and include enough keywords to serve their purpose without irritating the visitor by making them read ‘red and yellow hats in London’ for the fifteenth time in two paragraphs. If you have a business blog or online press release section, this too should be written with care, following in the footsteps of those other sites you have studied. If you use social media to promote your business and engage with your customers as part of your internet marketing strategy, then your writing here should also represent your company at its best; just because other people make terrible spelling and grammatical errors on Facebook and Twitter does not mean you can too. An internet marketing company can provide professional copywriters who will ensure your content is the best it can be, whilst subtly enhancing it for SEO purposes.

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